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Weather Fiji in March: Explore Paradise with Perfect Temperatures & Adventures

Weather in Fiji in March marks the transition from the wet to the drier season, making it a unique time to visit this tropical paradise. As we’re planning our trips, understanding the climate and what to expect can make all the difference in our travel experience.

March in Fiji brings a mix of sunny days and occasional showers, allowing us to enjoy the lush landscapes at their most vibrant. It’s a time when we can bask in the warmth without the peak season crowds, offering a more relaxed and intimate exploration of the islands.

Average Weather in Fiji in March

In March, Fiji starts to welcome the early signs of its cooler season, though “cool” is a relative term in this tropical paradise. We’ve noticed that this month acts as a pivot point in the climate calendar, bridging the gap between the wet season’s end and the drier months ahead. Understanding the average weather conditions during this time can greatly enhance trip planning, so let’s dive into what we can typically expect.

Temperature wise, March falls into a comfortable zone. Average daytime highs hover around 31°C (88°F), while nighttime lows dip to around 22°C (72°F), ensuring that evenings remain pleasantly warm. This equilibrium between hot days and cooler nights creates an ideal environment for exploring the islands’ diverse landscapes and experiencing the local culture.

March does bring its share of rainfall. However, it’s important to recognize that these showers are often short-lived and can actually enhance your experience. The rain tends to come in quick bursts, refreshing the air and leaving behind clearer skies. In fact, the showers contribute to the lushness that Fiji is renowned for, making landscapes exceptionally vibrant.

March Weather Averages in Fiji
Average High 31°C
Average Low 22°C
Average Rainfall 324mm
Average Rainy Days 18

Humidity levels in March are noteworthy as well, often sitting above 80%. While this might seem daunting, it’s a natural part of the tropical climate that you’ll quickly adapt to, especially when enjoying the beaches and cooling ocean breezes.

For those of us seeking to capture the essence of Fiji without the peak season crowds, March presents a compelling case. Its weather patterns, characterized by comfortably warm temperatures and rejuvenating rains, offer a unique blend of adventure and relaxation.

Temperature in Fiji in March

As we delve deeper into the specifics of March weather in Fiji, it’s crucial to understand the temperature range travelers can expect. March is characterized by warm days and pleasantly cooler nights, offering an ideal setting for both adventure-seekers and those looking to relax amidst nature’s beauty.

During this transitional month, average daytime temperatures hover around 31°C (88°F), while at night, it tends to drop to a more comfortable 22°C (72°F). This variance in temperature allows for a range of activities throughout the day and night. Early mornings and evenings are perfect for hiking and exploring the islands’ lush landscapes, while the warmer afternoons invite leisurely swims in Fiji’s clear blue waters.

Here, we’ll look at the specific temperature averages in March:

Time of Day Average Temperature (°C) Average Temperature (°F)
Daytime 31 88
Night 22 72

It’s worth noting that despite these averages, temperatures can fluctuate. We’ve experienced days when it feels warmer, especially when the sun is at its peak. However, the ocean breeze typically provides a refreshing respite from the midday heat.

The warmth of Fiji in March not only facilitates a broad spectrum of outdoor adventures but also encourages the growth of the islands’ vibrant flora. March’s weather conditions, especially its temperature and humidity, play a significant role in maintaining the lush, tropical landscape that Fiji is renowned for. Whether you’re strolling through one of the many national parks or simply enjoying the views from the beach, the temperature in March provides a comfortable setting for immersing yourself in the islands’ natural wonders.

Rainfall in Fiji in March

March in Fiji stands right in the middle of the wet season, which runs from November through April. During this time, the islands receive a significant portion of their annual rainfall. This doesn’t mean, however, that daily life or vacation plans come to a halt. On the contrary, the rain contributes to the islands’ mesmerizing beauty, refreshing the lush landscapes and adding to the charm of the tropic setting.

On average, March sees quite a bit of precipitation, but it’s important to remember this typically occurs in the form of short, heavy showers rather than all-day rain. These showers often happen during the late afternoon or evening, leaving the rest of the day open for exploration and relaxation under the warm sun.

Here’s a brief overview of the rainfall you can expect in Fiji during March:

Fiji Region Average Rainfall in March (mm) Average Rainfall Days in March
Nadi 325 18
Suva 371 22
Savusavu 399 23

It’s essential to come prepared if you’re planning a trip during this wetter season. Packing lightweight rain gear, such as waterproof jackets and quick-dry clothing, will keep you comfortable during your adventures. Despite the rain, the warm temperatures ensure that any downpour is usually followed by sunshine, ideal for drying off and continuing with your day.

Adventurous travelers might actually find March an appealing time to visit. The rainfall enhances the beauty of Fiji’s waterfalls and rivers, making activities like hiking to a secluded waterfall or white water rafting even more thrilling. Plus, the rain tends to discourage some tourists, meaning those who don’t mind the occasional shower can enjoy less crowded attractions.

Remember, while March brings more rain to Fiji, it also brings with it the opportunity to see the islands in full bloom. The moisture nourishes the vibrant flora and fauna, adding to the already rich tapestry of colors and experiences awaiting visitors.

Things to Do in Fiji in March

In March, Fiji transforms into a vibrant playground for both adventure seekers and those looking to unwind. Here’s a rundown of activities that make the most of the season’s unique offerings.

Exploring the Lush Rainforests becomes a mystical experience in March. The extra moisture in the air brings out the rich, earthy aromas of the forest floor and amplifies the greenery. Hiking trails that may be too hot to comfortably explore during the peak summer months are now pleasantly cool, inviting us to venture deeper into the heart of Fiji’s natural beauty. The island’s abundant rainfall feeds its waterfalls, making a visit to places like Tavoro Waterfalls or Biausevu Waterfall not just scenic, but spectacular.

Diving and Snorkeling in Fiji’s clear blue waters are year-round activities, but March offers a unique underwater spectacle as the warmer waters bring more marine life closer to the surface. Coral spawning events, particularly around the outer reefs, create a stunning underwater display, attracting a plethora of fish and other sea creatures. It’s an ideal time for us to marvel at the vibrant coral and bustling marine life that characterizes Fijian waters.

Cultural Festivals and Events during this month offer a glimpse into the heart and soul of Fiji. With fewer tourists around, we get a more authentic experience, mingling with locals and participating in events that showcase the rich Fijian culture. From small village gatherings to larger festivals celebrating the harvest, music, and dance, the cultural immersion deepens our connection to this beautiful island nation.

While Beach Relaxation might be an obvious choice, it’s worth noting the special charm that Fiji’s beaches have in March. The sun is warm but not scorching, allowing for extended hours of lounging on the sand or enjoying leisurely walks along the coastline. The occasional afternoon shower only adds to the allure, often leaving behind breathtaking rainbows and sunsets that paint the sky in hues of orange, pink, and purple.

March in Fiji is a dynamic month offering a blend of adventure, relaxation, and cultural enrichment. It’s a time when we can fully engage with the island’s natural and cultural offerings, creating memories that will last a lifetime.

Packing Tips for Fiji in March

When preparing for a trip to Fiji in March, we recognize the importance of packing smartly to enhance our travel experience. Given the weather nuances of warm days, cooler nights, and occasional rain showers, our packing list needs to be versatile and thoughtful.

First and foremost, lightweight and breathable clothing is a must. Since the daytime temperatures hover around 31°C (88°F), we’ll want to opt for materials like cotton or linen. These fabrics not only keep us cool but also dry quickly, which is a plus during spontaneous rain showers or after a dip in the ocean.

However, we shouldn’t forget to pack a light jacket or sweater. The nighttime temperatures can drop to around 22°C (72°F), making the evenings pleasantly cooler. A light layer is perfect for those evening beach strolls or dining out.

Here’s a quick list of essentials:

  • Lightweight, breathable tops and bottoms
  • A light jacket or sweater for cooler evenings
  • Waterproof jacket or poncho for sudden showers
  • Comfortable footwear for both beach and hiking
  • Wide-brimmed hat and sunglasses for sun protection
  • High SPF waterproof sunscreen

Moreover, waterproof accessories are incredibly handy. A waterproof bag can protect our valuables during those sudden rain showers or while we’re enjoying water-based activities. Speaking of water activities, bringing along snorkeling gear might be a good idea, especially since March is an excellent time for diving and snorkeling in Fiji due to the coral spawning events.

To sum it up, packing for Fiji in March requires a blend of summer essentials with a few additions for the cooler evenings and potential rain showers. By packing smartly, we’re ensuring that our time in Fiji is comfortable, enjoyable, and uninterrupted by any weather surprises.


March in Fiji offers a unique blend of warm, sunny days and refreshing, cooler nights perfect for a variety of activities. With temperatures ideal for exploring the lush landscapes or relaxing by the sea, there’s no shortage of ways to enjoy the islands’ natural beauty. While the occasional rainfall might seem daunting, it’s usually brief and brings a certain charm to the environment, enhancing outdoor adventures. Packing wisely with the weather in mind ensures a comfortable stay, allowing us to immerse ourselves fully in the vibrant culture and stunning scenery of Fiji. Whether we’re diving into the rich marine life, participating in local festivals, or simply soaking up the sun, March is a time to experience Fiji in all its glory. Let’s embrace the opportunity for an unforgettable journey amidst the islands’ warm embrace.

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